Campus Initiatives


Canadore College and Nipissing University Food Services is committed to integrating sustainability into its operations. Sustainability is the delicate balancing act of satisfying human needs today while protecting the environment for future generations. We are dedicated to continual improvement in the areas of local purchasing, environmentally friendly practices and global social responsibility. Listed below are some of the sustainable initiatives we are proud to be involved with and continue to support.


We recycle our glass, cardboard, paper, aluminum cans and cooking oil diverting several tonnes of material going into the landfill each year. 

Recycling bins are situated in all areas of each facility making recycling convenient and easy for employees and customers.

Xpress Nap

Xpress Nap Dispensers save energy and waste. Not only are the napkins made of 100% recycled paper, the dispensers encourage customers to take (and waste) fewer napkins. Energy is saved because less power is used to recycle paper products than to create them from virgin material.

Grounds For Growth

At Canadore College and Nipissing University, we save 100% of our coffee grounds after we brew coffee at our retail and resident dining locations Staff, Faculty and Students are able to pick up any of these grounds to use for their gardens at home for excellent fertilizer! Also makes great ant repellent!


Tray less dinning reduces the amount of water and detergent used, saves energy and reduces food wastage. For 2020 2021 school year both the junior school and senior school campus went fully trayless! This saved 1140 trays per day and meant less chemicals were used, less energy was used to wash, less water was waste.


Food waste in landfills creates methane, a greenhouse gas which is 21x more potent than CO2. Our first priority is to reduce food waste. We compost food waste to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also to enhance and amend soil health by improving soil structure, enhancing micro-organism content, increasing drought tolerance and reducing need for water and fertilizers. We now use revolution company to pick up all of our compost and we don't even have to use compost bags anymore- it can all be dumped straight into the collection bin outside.

Reuseable Program

Bring your own reusable mug to any of our locations and get 10 cents off the purchase of your hot beverage.

Local Suppliers

We support local businesses and communities by purchasing from local producers and growers. Sodexo buys 100 percent of our fresh dairy products from local and regional farmers. Our professionally-trained chefs write our menus to take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally in season. We are so proud to present this video with everyone show casing some of our commitments to sustainability through our partnerships with with local farmers. 

We are committed to purchasing products that are local, seasonal and responsibly grown, raised or produced by local suppliers. We purchase locally grown produce whenever possible, helping to support the local community, and reduce the impact that transportation has on our environment. 

Local produce retains a higher proportion of nutritional value than imported foods. Fresh, organic vegetables have significantly higher levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorus than conventional vegetables. Money spent in the community stays in the community longer, benefiting local retailers and residents.

Food Choice

Food Choice and Healthy Alternatives 

We believe in providing people with a choice regarding the type of food they consume. As society becomes more aware of the benefits of healthier eating, Food Services has taken a proactive role, constantly researching, developing and providing healthier dining choices.

Bulk Condiments

Fresh Food Choices 

Most of our entrees are prepared from scratch, which cuts down on excessive packaging.

Better Tomorrow

Pledge to reduce Sodexo emissions by 34% by 2025!

Partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada

Sodexo has partneships with the Breakfast Club of Canada to help bring awareness to vulnerable children around our country and even in our province of BC. Breakfast Club of Canada provides a breakfast to these students so that they can concentrate at school with their bellies full of nutritious food and have the same learning oppotunities as their friends and peers.

HSI Verde

Partnership with Humane Society International Sodexo has partnered with Humane Society International where our onsite chefs have made a pledge to stay on the trend of the 50 future foods and promote Plant Based Food by contuining to provide daily plant based options and having 1 day a week plant based menus. Also to educate the community of the social responsibility and how plant based menus contributes to this.

ON/OFF Protocol

We save energy by turning equipment on and off only as needed. Our offices and change rooms have now been changes to automatic shut off lighting when not in use.

Cage Free Eggs

We have shifted all our shell eggs to cage free sources. This shift is part of our Better Tomorrow Plan commitment to sustainability raised products.

Sustainable Seafood

Seafood menu items are in line with the Oceanwise conservation program.