Your meal plan information is encoded on your Canadore - Nipissing Meal Plan Card which works like a debit card. Simply present your Meal Plan Card each time you make a purchase, and the total is automatically deducted from your account. 

If you have any questions/concerns with regards to your meal plan, please contact the Sodexo Dining Services Office at the Main Campus.

The Canadore - Nipissing meal plan is in effect per semester from September and will expire on December, and students would need to repurchase for Spring Semester in January through April. All students that live in residence are not required to purchase a meal plan each semester. 

The meal plan may only be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages in Food Services outlets designated by the university, off-campus partners and vending machines on campus are not applicable . Meal Plans cannot be used to purchase alcohol or gift certificates from any of our off-campus partners and may not be used to pay any other fees owed to the Nipissing University or Canadore College. 

The Canadore - Nipissing Meal Plan must meet a 10 meal per week minimum to qualify for tax exempt status. 

Meal plans can be used across the Canadore College and Nipissing University only. 


  • Bonus dollars added to each level of Meal Plan Purchases, there are 3 types of Meal Plans 
  • Save 13% tax expense by purchasing a Meal Plan.
Please visit to make a payment and purchase your meal plan of choice by the stated deadline prior to the start of semester.
To check your meal plan balance/history, you can do the following: Ask a cashier at the time of your purchase to give you the balance on your meal plan. Please note: Meal Plan balances cannot be used to pay other fees owed to the College and University. A meal plan must meet a 10 meal per week minimum spend to qualify for tax exempt status. Your meal plan balance will expire at the end of the semester and will not be carry-over.

You may switch to a lower meal plan in the first month of each semester however you can upgrade your meal plan at any time during the (Fall/Winter) semester. 

The deadline to reduce your meal plan is as follows: 

September 30th (Fall Semester) 

January 31st (Winter Semester) 

To change your meal plan, you may do so in person at cashier or Dining Services Office. 

Please note that it might take up to five business days before you will see the change on your Meal Plan Account. Students are not allowed to minimize their meal plans after the deadlines above as per the Residence Licence & Meal Plan Agreement.

Each student is responsible for any debt incurred from the use of his/her card. Your Meal Plan Card should be kept with you in a safe location. 

What do I need to do if I lose my meal plan card? 

Report a lost meal card immediately to the Dining Services Office (from September-April). Your meal card will be deactivated and you will be issued a temporary lost card voucher (students are allowed to get one lost card voucher per one student card). The lost card voucher will then serve as a meal card for three business days. After three business days it will expire and you will need to get a new card. Replacement cards are issued in Dining Services Office for a fee of $25. 

To get a replacement card, please go to the Dining Services Office.

For more information contact the General Manager at (705) 475-2479.

If you find a student card please bring it to one of the following locations during business hours:

Sodexo Dining Services Office located in the Main Campus at Canadore College or contact the General Manager 705-475-2479.